Vitality prevents Heart Attack


You Can Measure How Healthy (not how sick) You Are

(Hint: Knowing is Your most effective Disease Prevention)


Interestingly, Merriam-Webster On-line dictionary defines Vitality as: “the peculiarity distinguishing the living from the nonliving” – but we prefer its commonly understood meaning: “physical or mental vigor especially when highly developed”.


Studies show diet alone can reduce Heart Disease and Cancer by 90%. No Drugs will do that. ReadPublication


Vitality is not just our name, it is also our mission. Part of our background is Nutrition Research and it is Nutrition that fuels the human body to carry out its daily tasks. Sadly, contemporary nutrition is – in part responsible for many of today’s health problems, namely obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, lack of libido, lack of energy, degenerative diseases, violence, diabetes, and many others. Basically, society has sacrificed Vitality on the altar of convenience such as Fast Food, Sodas, Sugar, Aspartame and eating while doing other things like watching TV, driving or working on the computer.


At Vitality Concepts we understand that lifestyles have changed and people are unwilling or unable to revert to sequential rather than parallel actions. Our clinicians are trained to devise personal Vitality Concepts that take your individual lifestyle issues as basis. That means we don’t ask you to change your lifestyle (unless there are no alternatives), we devise your curriculum for sustainable Vitality according to your lifestyle.

We may feel “OK” - that is “not sick” but still complain of stress, fatigue, low energy, irritability or just feel tired. Typically we consider ourselves as healthy, simply because we are unable to describe a disease symptom. Vitality is the mother of Health. If you feel charged up with energy and determination to get things done, it enhances your appearance and you impress others with your Vitality! There is no quantitative measure of Vitality but you know when you have it – and when you lack it. Vitality is an acquired property and the ultimate desirable Objective in life – without Vitality all our material possessions are meaningless.


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