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"Aging" at 74


So you probably enjoy life, you nurture relationships with friends and family, like to laugh, can cope with loss, you know how to deal with stress and thus avoid distress, you have peace of mind and your health is not jeopardizing your intentions. Lucky you, don’t you want to do whatever it takes to upkeep this state until old age? This is the real Anti-aging!



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Even if your genes are favorable and you live a healthy life – you are engulfed with adverse health factors and these are getting worse – as they are out of your control. Many people believe to be invincible as longevity runs in their family, but never before has our health be challenged by look-alike and make-believe – nutrients starved foods and no one is immune to toxic chemicals.

There is really no effective defense against an unidentified, ubiquitous enemy, other than making sure your immune system is optimal: regular exercise, balanced nutrition and active social interactions are the components for that. 

In addition – we need to activate an early warning system – to know when Vitality declines before we feel it. For this purpose we have to change our behavior: no longer can we wait for symptoms of disease to show up and then go to a doctor to get rid of it. A symptom is just the visible and/or disturbing sign of imbalances and systemic malfunction that need to be addressed at the cause, not just the effect. Case in point, if we consult an acute care provider because of high blood pressure – we’ll be sent home with a prescription for blood pressure reducing drug. As the cause for high blood pressure is not being addressed, chances are we stay on these drugs forever, because once we stop the blood pressure goes right up again. This, of course is in the interest of the drug companies and these will do everything to “motivate” us to stay the course. Though drugs don’t add – they suppress some functions in the body and side effects will occur. These again are symptoms and the pharmaceutical industry is well prepared to treat these symptoms with another drug – and now we have entered the “death spiral”.


We can avoid the death spiral by regularly measure our Vitality – we have developed proprietary analysis programs for “healthy people” – dubbed VitalityXpress® - a non-invasive, clinical early warning system that shows potential health problems long before any symptoms become evident.


No matter where you are, you can do something for protecting your Health and Vitality - watch - for example - an impromptu Neighborhood workout in Tokyo