Longevity - Genes v. Lifestyle

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Longevity and Vitality - it's 10% genes and 90% individual Lifestyle! 



I. Prescription Drugs don’t make you Healthy...



- they eliminate a symptom but at a hidden cost to your Health!



II. Prolonged ingestion of prescription drugs will kill you...

- albeit too slowly to notice



III. Don’t take prescription drugs for longer...

- than it should take to cure an acute condition – otherwise you have entered the “death-spiral” – don’t expect anyone to stop it, you are on your own. If you don’t propel yourself out of it forcefully – the Pharma shareholders will be laughing all the way to your memorial service!



IV. Take an active role in your Health -

- and never assign the control over your Health to the Government!



this is even more important when you are dealing with a catastrophic illness such as cancer. Ask as many questions as you can and research your specific type of cancer to understand both the conventional and non-conventional success rates for specific remedies. Look for strategies that strengthen the body, not weaken it, allowing the body to heal itself. Finally, be careful what you read or what conclusion you draw from any study or statistic. Know the motive behind the study and check out who financed it, if scientists were dismissed during the study and if the objectives were amended.



V. Your Vitality requires “support” that is increasing with age,



because of lifestyle and environmental conditions. While we can partially control the food we eat, we are unwillingly exposed to a myriad of toxins from the air we breathe, the water we drink, acid rain, and everything artificial we come in touch with: building materials, paints, furniture, carpets and even clothing. Processed foods and the stressed circumstances under which we eat are reducing Vitality, while the perceived expectations are rising. Therefore we look for the eternal fountain of youth from energy boosters and aesthetic enhancements starting in early adulthood.



VI. You need Nutrition from Natural Food and not from Dietary Supplements.



Unfortunately we have done so much harm to our food that it is depleted of nutrients and we have to resort to Dietary Supplements to complement nutrition. OK – not ideal but anyway, what’s wrong with it if it works? Problem is – it doesn’t work! The notion here comes from simple arithmetic’s, you deduct and add quantitative numbers for nutrients and look for a balance.


Well, Nature can’t be fooled like that, it’s like saying Nature wasn’t good enough, it needed some help from industry to function properly. We have come to take notice that synthesized Vitamins and Minerals just can’t trick the body into believing it’s the real thing. There is a reason why nature doesn’t deliver a B6 or a single mineral, all the nutrients provided by Nature come in a package of other nutrients and co-factors and are served in a unique delivery system with delayed or sustained absorption.


Consider these issues with taking supplements:

      i. How do you know you need it at all?

     ii. How do you know what you need and when?

    iii. How much of what and with what should you take?

    iv. How do you know if does you any good?

    v.  Are you aware of drug – mineral – vitamins interaction?


If you are not sure how to answer any of these questions, you better take a breather, or better, consider to take our VitalityXpress® analysis, because you may actually disrupt your immune balance rather than strengthen it. Let’s look at – for example – dietary calcium: if you take a calcium supplement when you don’t need it, where is your body going to store it – maybe in your arteries, joints or in the kidneys forming stones? We all know by now that calcium is vital for teeth and bones. But magnesium and boron are also involved with healthy bone formation. In this way, minerals show that their functions are reciprocal in biochemical pathways. Calcium as food or dietary supplements is ingested in the form of relatively insoluble salts. The body must reduce every form of calcium mineral into the ionized form in order to absorb it. Both an active and passive transport mechanisms are responsible for absorption of calcium in the small intestine. The active mechanism depends on the action of activated form of vitamin D,

This is just an example to illustrate the complexity of substituting natural occurring nutrients – which in Nature are never isolated extracts. The reckoning of this fact has led to Vitality Concepts’ Mission to provide Nutritional Supplements that are as close to natural Food as possible.


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