How to Live Longer Healthy

               What Can You Do to Live Longer Healthy?


A. Invest in Your Personal - sustainable Health curriculum


Is your Body aging faster than your Birth Certificate? Considering your lifestyle and the exposure to the elements, this could well be the case. Now you can measure the rate of aging and determine your biological age versus your real age. After years of searching for the infallible, comprehensive Analysis of a Persons’ Health status, we finally rolled-out a scientific, reproducible, non-intimidating and non-ionizing whole-body screening system VitalityXpress® - appropriately named for its single session, instant results producing Health and Vitality Profile for any Individual. As a tested Person  you will learn about:


a. Your absolute state of Health and Vitality (are you healthy or just not sick)


b. Your relative Health and Vitality status (is your biological age identical with your calendar age)


c. The real and latent Health risks (at the pace of your lifestyle - how long can you remain healthy)


d. The curriculum for averting the cited risks (your guide to optimizing your lifestyle)

As you might expect, Vitality Concepts focused on all the elements that Patients find annoying and thus may deter them from going to see a doctor in the first place, like condescending doctors, being dispatched with a prescription for medication, not being told the truth, not given sufficient explanation, being subjected to unnecessary tests, not receiving a full report. 

Unfortunately this seems the rule in conventional, symptoms-based healthcare, but then, admittedly, contemporary medical healthcare is “acute-care” or “critical-care” – rather than “preventive-care” – and typically, you have to wait until you are sick and can pinpoint specific symptoms, in order to receive help.
In contrast, VitalityXpress® is designed for healthy people who want to stay healthy and in top Vitality – because they have no time to get sick and want to avoid surprise or forced down-time.
We have devised for and implemented VitalityXpress® - if you like to find out more, please contact us 



B. Get your Personal - needs and goal oriented Nutrition Concept



We typically refer to Persons as “Individuals” for good reasons: no two Persons have the same nutritional needs. Moreover, all of us have a different history and unique goals – obviously, the standardized “one size fits all” Multivitamin or “Miracle Potion” produces nothing but disappointment.

Vitality Concepts has invested years of scientific and empirical research into Vitality enhancing complementary Nutrition based on a Personas actual, assessed need. We know what works and what doesn’t, in due consideration of historical events, lifestyle and objectives of the Individual and we design nutritional concepts accordingly, nothing missing and nothing that’s not needed – just the perfect balance for the task before the Person.  

Vitality Concepts are unique and are based on our patent pending Formula, meeting cutting edge, 21st Century Nutritional needs:


a. Nutrients are all “once Live source” (not dead, synthetic extracts)


b. Nutrients optimally match cell resonance = optimal absorption with no stress to the organs


c. There are no excipients, fillers and toxic chemicals – as used in producing capsules and pills


d. All Formulas are compounded on personalized assessed needs, no “universal” mixtures or “shelf products”


e. Nutrition Formulas are “complementary Food items”, they don’t smell, or taste like drugs – they taste like Food and are Food


Vitality Concepts designs Nutrition for Individuals, Clubs, Teams, Institutions, Spas’, Companies, Airlines, Clinics and Hospitals. Contact us at: このメールアドレスはスパムボットから保護されています。観覧するにはJavaScriptを有効にして下さい  



C. Delivering age-defying Aesthetics Concepts


Looks matter – not just nowadays but as long as recorded history: we learn in Scripture, when Jesse brought the later King David to Samuel 1. Samuel 16:12 , that he was “good looking”. Later in Esther 1:11 we are told that: “to bring before him Queen Vashti, wearing her royal crown, in order to display her beauty to the people and nobles, for she was lovely to look at”. In ancient Greece we know that Socrates tried to rationalize beauty: “Beauty is the bait which with delight allures man to enlarge his kind”.


We are told in the Book of Enoch, that women were tought about make up in pre-Noah's time.

Well it feels good to know that our thriving to “look competitive” is entirely Biblical and is obviously in our genes. The problem of our times is that we expect “instant gratification” and we are willing to do “whatever it takes” to portray the appearance of our perceived “Ideal”. Though when Socrates is quoted for saying: "Beauty is a short-lived tyranny." – it may sound like a 21st Century statement and many can attest to that.

Vitality Concepts is cognitively aware of the expressed and implied request for Beauty by every Individual, Men, Women and Children of all ages. Fact is, even people pretending not to care, care a lot – they just don’t want to admit it for various reasons. How do we know? When they ask for supplements or treatments hat shed years off their real age. 


There are innumerable products and methods promising the fountain of youth and – as with weight loss – most of the results end in disappointment and frustration. The reason is clear: as in conventional medicine, we focus on “eliminating the symptom”, rather than the cause. There are many superficial treatments to remove the sign of aging, such as wrinkles – but these wrinkles have a cause that remains unaddressed and neither the Laser nor Botox can attend to the cause at the cellular level. 


Vitality Concepts has devised Aesthetics Concepts that satisfy the expectations of the client with regard to clearly visible “instant enhancement” by treating the symptoms, while at the same time addressing the cause from the cellular level – so that the symptoms don’t come back or are diminished. This is typically accomplished by a combination of specific Nutrients delivered transdermally and balancing Nutrition to lifestyle according to proprietary assessments. We design Aesthetics programs for Individuals, Clubs, Teams, Institutions, Spas’, Companies, Clinics and Hospitals and particularly for high risk – high oxidation exposed Airline flight crews.  


What special risks are you or your staff exposed to? Use our expertise to keep you and loved ones’ healthy at the peak of their Vitality.



D. Innovating sustainable Health Concepts


As our name suggests, Vitality Concepts is constantly researching, developing and discovering new horizons in the way we can protect Health and Vitality, slow the rate of Aging and enhance the Quality of Life. 


We are partnering with Research Institutions and Companies around the World to develop, validate and promote new ways to keep people healthy by detecting health threats long before any symptoms occur, without using ionizing radiation or any toxic or intimidating substance or method.


Just as the proverbial Multivitamin doesn’t fit everyone’s needs – so does the “annual physical” nothing to aid Individuals to protect their Health. We have devised special programs for specific lifestyles and professional risk exposures. For example, airline crew members are subject to accelerated aging because of a combination of factors, such as irregular eat and sleep pattern, stress, dehydration and extreme exposure to cosmic radiation. These impediments are hard to tackle at the cause but we have designed concepts that compensate for these oxidizing effects and avoid accelerated aging. 


What special risks are you or your staff exposed to? Use our expertise to keep you and loved ones’ healthy at the peak of their Vitality – there is no alternative to Great Health it is priceless!



Read more This Book gives you the unequivocal answer! Published March 2009, this book is an outstanding, thought provoking, well researched Documentary that illuminates the causes of why America is the sickest Nation on Earth, why the health care system is nearly bankrupt and 50 million people are uninsured, and why millions are hungry and that number si on the rise. But it also serves as a practical guide on how to restore and sustain Health and Vitality throughout a high quality Life without pain and worries.


Everyone, at any age, anywhere - can do something enjoyable to restore and protect their Health and Vitality - watch this Tokyo Neighborhood...


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