Food Today - how avoid the Toxins

 Do you know what you put into your mouth?



If you find some unlabeled pills in the medicine cabinet - will you ingest them? Of course not, you expect these to have an effect on your body's functions and you want to know what to expect. But with today's highly processed foods you are equally in need to know if your body will recognize living food, or alien chemicals that it tries to fend off. Unfortunately, most processed foods are already dead on arrival, that means, it may  look or taste like food but there are no nutrients delivered that your body can use. If you eat dead calories on a constant basis, your bodily functions become reduced and finally imbalance and nutritional deficiencies will occur.

The simple question is: do we want to continue on the path of destruction of Health, Vitality and Culinary Culture – or can we save the remnant Assets? However, if we want to turn the tide on obesity, diabetes, aging, degenerative disease, allergies and the loss of family values and friendships – we must tackle the issues.


What can we as Individuals do to eat healthy and in style and dignity and still keep up with the fast pace of life? Here are a few tips that everyone can apply – in doing so you create miracles: not only do you reverse the decadence and you will actually look forward to meal times again – but your digestion will work much better, you feel less tired after eating and you will notice your overall health is improving.



• Buying Food


  1. 1. Choose Local over Global Foods

  2. 2. Buy fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season

  3. 3. Search for “Organic” versus Conventional Produce (5 digits PLU starting with 9 = Organic versus 4 digit PLU code = Conventional grown)

  4. 4. Buy from sources you can trust and check the origin (5 digits PLU starting with 8 = GMO)

  5. 5. Avoid “long shelf life” canned, pasteurized, processed Foods

  6. 6. Read the Labels and discard articles with unknown substances and those with names you can't pronounce or spell. Pay attention to deceptive and common labeling, use of euphemsisms like yeast extract, flavors or spices for MSG, note that GMO will NOT show on the label, but certified Organic should be GMO free. HFCS stand for High Fructose Corn Syrup, avoid it, Canola Oil is GMO, avoid it.

  7. 7. Prefer meat from grass fed – not corn fed cows from Feedlots (CAVO)

  8. 8. Variety avoids monotony and imbalance of nutrients

  9. 9. Low Fat, No Fat, No Cholesterol indicate processed Foods – avoid them 


• Preparing Food


  1. 1. Wash Produce to rid it from toxic chemicals – just rinsing under cold water doesn’t remove waxy chemicals. If you can’t wash-off the chemicals, peel-off the outer layer (Fruits with 4 digits PLU sticker = conventionally grown = herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizer)

  2. 2. Prepare Food for eating not for storing, where nutrients deplete quickly

  3. 3. Ferment Grains and Beans for better digestion

  4. 4. Avoid cooking when you can eat raw

  5. 5. Do not microwave Food

  6. 6. Choose baking over frying

  7. 7. Time your Meals to eat at least 3 hours prior to sleeping

  8. 8. Plan your heavier Food for earlier rather than later in the day

  9. 9. Use the best Olive Oil you can find – don’t heat it until it smokes


• Eating Food

  1. 1. Avoid snacking before eating – especially sugary items

  2. 2. Eat raw, fermented or minimally cooked Produce

  3. 3. Present the Food aesthetically and serve it in dishes, not plastic

  4. 4. Sit down at the table to eat – preferably with company you like

  5. 5. Focus on the Meal, acknowledge the Provider – avoid distraction like TV, Texting, Cell phones, etc.

  6. 6. Chew the Food well and don’t wash it down with drinks

  7. 7. Avoid ice cold water or drinks with you meal – its wasting your energy

  8. 8. Eating slowly prevents you from overeating and adding weight

  9. 9. Breakfast should be your most important meal – don’t skip it


By following these Food basics – you will accomplish much more than supporting your own physical and mental health – you are sending a strong message to the Food industry and the Politicians. If everyone starts taking active responsibility of their Health, instead of following the pack and be the victims – the decline of Food quality will slow down and eventually reverse. Imagine if there were no buyers of Fast Food – would they continue to produce it?




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