What Do You Want To Look Like? Hint: It's Not Your Genes, It's Your Nutritional Choices!

Aesthetic Looks reflect Nutrition


1. Your Health starts at the Dinner Table!


Over 90% of Americans suffer from everyday digestion problems such as gas, bloating, stomach pain, constipation, heartburn, and fatigue after eating – with devastating long term effects from periodontal disease and hemorrhoids to colon cancer. Actually sitting down at a table when we eat, with friends or family and a prayer of thanksgiving before the meal, sharing food prepared in the house, served in real plates, eating with knife and fork or chopsticks while we enjoy good conversation – is just as important as what we eat. When we sit down to eat our stomach is in a relaxed posture and our awareness is on the taste, texture, and smell of the food. This will greatly improve the digestion. Attractive, happy surroundings in an atmosphere of gratitude to the Creator increase the efficiency of digestion and assimilation. Negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, and discontent have an inhibitory effect on the functions of secretion and peristalsis. The environment in which we eat is a significant health contributor, eating together with family prevents us from eating too often and too fast and helps to absorb nutrients from the food.

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2. Drugs don’t make you Healthy


Drugs are engineered to alter or suppress certain functions in the body that produce the symptom we want to get rid of. But every function in the body has a purpose and alteration over a long time period inevitably leads to other –seemingly unrelated – symptoms. Drugs were originally designed to cure or prevent disease, but now, the drug companies want us to stay on prescription drugs as long as we live. They advertise drugs aggressively to consumers and make them appear as lifestyle enhancements. The pharmaceutical industry is even known to invent disease to sell drugs and it spends more money on marketing than research. So their motives are clearly not aimed at making us healthy but keeping us sick for a long time.

How? Take cholesterol for example: doctors are quick to prescribe Statin drugs for “just in case” and forever - as the cause of why the liver produces more cholesterol than what is used remains. The fact is our bodies, including the brain need cholesterol to function. However, there is a difference between the cholesterol made by the body and dietary cholesterol. The cholesterol that the liver produces is vital to strengthening the membranes of each and every cell in the body. It is also important in the production of many hormones in the body including estrogen, progesterone, cortisone, and aldosterone. These steroid hormones help the body manage stress and balance sodium and water in the body, not to mention regulate sexual function. Blood cholesterol that primarily comes from (animal) diet is what doctors and drug companies are most “concerned” about. Is dietary cholesterol problem? When our diet contains cholesterol, the liver makes a little less. The typical American diet contains 250-350 grams per day, depending on gender, but only a third to half of that is absorbed, so out of the 1,000 mg, only 10-15% comes from diet. Even if we eliminate the dietary intake, a healthy liver simply makes more to make up the deficit. Eliminating saturated fat from your diet doesn't help either, because the liver will make cholesterol out of sugar and starch. It's that essential for life. Although diets are clearly not the cause of high cholesterol, it is more likely that the cholesterol produced is not used up by the body and accumulates. Thus, ingesting Statin drugs is really not addressing the problem and they can likely cause some others.


Another case in point is Hypertension : most doctors are oblivious to the fact that hypertension isn't actually a disease in itself--it's only a symptom of some other malfunction in your body. It's possible that the elevated blood pressure is a protective effect, enabling the heart to get the blood to all the tissues in spite of the disease, whatever that may be. But since we still haven't figured out what that reason is, most physicians just throw drugs at the symptom and consider the problem solved when the high blood pressure goes down. Just because the drug makes the hypertension go away doesn’t mean it has cured anything and if the drug is stopped – which is dangerous - the blood pressure is right up again. Meanwhile the drug is causing discomfort and often irreversible side effects, but the patient remains on the drug for life while the cause is never investigated!


Antacids are another group of drugs that keep America sick for no reason: “Antacids are medicines that neutralize stomach acid”. They are used to relieve acid indigestion, upset stomach, sour stomach, and heartburn. Antacids are meant to be used only occasionally. Taking antacids over long periods could mask the symptoms of a serious intestinal problem, such as peptic ulcer disease, or become the cause of such conditions.


However, this “Antacid problem” is a delusion fabricated by the drug industry: we don’t need to neutralize (excessive) stomach acid because we don’t have enough of it. As we are aging, we produce less digestive enzymes and less stomach acid. According to one of the foremost authority on this topic, Dr. Bob Marshall, Round Rock, Texas; at age 50 we produce less than 20% digestive enzymes and less than half HCL (stomach acid) to digest the food. In addition, we eat cooked food with the enzymes destroyed and usually too late in the day to properly digest the food. Undigested food putrefies and ferments and for that purpose the liver produces lactic acid – it is this lactic acid that causes heartburn and not the hydrochloric acid HCL. Therefore, by treating heartburn with antacid makes the problem worse, remember Antacids neutralize the – deficient – stomach acid. It becomes plain that Antacid use is for long term as the problem remains and gets worse – despite the warnings on the label -only to provide a continuous flow of revenues for Doctors and Drug Companies. This is not only because the antacids, themselves, are a big seller, but by adversely effecting digestion they make people sick in a predicted future as a result of the unhealthful effects of the undigested protein and harmful critters not naturally killed off by inadequate acid. Protein which has not been properly 'softened up' by hydrochloric acid HCL with pepsin (protein digestive enzyme) can cause allergic reactions, arthritis/joint pain, and periodontal disease, apart from other health problems spawned by the undigested protein which your immune system sees as a foreign invader!


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3. Multivitamin Capsules and Pills are obsolete



Our bodies are designed to absorb only nutrients that match the cell resonance and the synthetic ingredients in Multivitamins cannot do that. The body is only designed to take in substances that have DNA.  In fact, if it does not have DNA, it will damage your DNA over time. The only substances designed to enter into the body are those with DNA, which means it must be from a once living source of either plant or animal.


Whatever the manufacturers claim about the superiority of their product, the human body is not designed to ingest and absorb highly concentrated and isolated powdered vitamins and no such nutrients occur in Nature. When the body sees high doses of a chemical – yes, these vitamins are chemicals – it treats it as a drug and tries to defend itself. The nutrient will likely not function as intended as it is detoxified by the liver and kidneys, actually adding a burden to these organs.
In Nature, all vitamins and minerals occur in a colloidal state with all their co-factors intact, enzymes, fibers, carbohydrates, proteins, fats all perfectly balanced; but synthesized nutrients lack the synergies and delivery system. Then, there are other considerations, how is it that we believe one size fits all? Don’t we all have different needs and imbalances? It follows that if we all take the same capsule; we’ll get too much of some things and not enough of the others.


In addition, Multivitamins are pressed into pills or filled into capsules, in order to do that at the lowest costs, manufacturers will use chemicals, including cancer causing fillers like talcum powder and other toxins which must be listed on the label under “Other Ingredients”. However, even the “Ingredients” raise health questions, for instance: “Vitamin C” is ascorbic acid, a chemical derived from glucose, sourced in China – and unless the label states otherwise, that’s what’s in the product. However, Vitamin C from natural sources like fruits or vegetables can cure scurvy, but the synthetic version has failed to do that. Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Szent Györgyi who discovered vitamin C, found that vitamin C in foods was far superior to synthetic ascorbic acid.


It is well known that some vitamins (B’s and C) are water soluble while others are fat soluble (A,D,E,K), thus if a capsule is gulped down with a glass of water or soft drink, most vitamins are not effective. Then there is some evidence that synthetic vitamins damage DNA. According to the pioneer in quantum biophysics research, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, only nutrients derived from a "once living" source are capable of upgrading cellular DNA. How does Professor Popp know? He developed the Biophoton detection method which allowed him to measure light in living organisms and cells , a method capable of determining the freshness of produce by measuring the residual light in its cells.


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4. Food is Life – not just Calories


Fast Food is a popular – no frills means to instantly silence the inner voice that tells us “you are hungry” – or “it’s time to eat”. Those calories are packaged to be ingested quickly, with minimal effort and thought, in any situation and at any time. They do fill the stomach and thus “fix the symptom”. Fast Food is not conducive to be shared and to create an atmosphere and conversation. Quite the opposite, most outlets are designed for very high turnaround and comfortable seating and pleasant lighting runs counter to that. The consumer is “motivated” to execute the task of calories refilling elsewhere. The servings are designed to allow all kind of distraction and multitasking, appropriately dubbed “convenience food”.


In America Food has been marginalized, disparaged and reduced to Calories and that is how the value of food is measured and expressed. At the same rate as the Food has been stripped of the Culture – Disease and the consumption of prescription drugs have risen. However there is much more to it than hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes – how about disease of the spirit, the wearing down of family ties and relationships, loss of purpose in life?


We no longer rotate our diet with the change of the seasons. We consume about six pounds of synthetic food additives per person per year. Sugar and fat seem to be the major ingredients in virtually every American food . (About 45 percent of the caloric value of our diet comes from fat, and we use about 100 pounds of sugar per person per year.)


Counting Calories has failed to make America healthy and low-fat, no-fat, no-cholesterol, diet-sodas, no-carbs, low-carbs – and all the other fads have not solved the obesity crisis. There is much conjecture on the “Mediterranean Diet ” and how the French are healthier than Americans in spite of their oily and high caloric diet. Yet these discussions are missing the point: Food is not Calories!


We believe to have the solution to America’s Health crisis and it’s not a miracle Dietary Supplement, it’s not a magic Drug and it’s not a novel Diet – and – it costs virtually nothing! Here is how:

1.        Reconnect with your Spirituality and rediscover the real Meaning of Life
2.        Rediscover the value of Relationships with Friends and Family
3.        Invite them, or get invited by them and share a real Meal (not Fast Food)
4.        If possible share in shopping and preparing the Food (this builds bonds)
5.        Prepare the Table and Ambiance to make everyone feel at ease (release tension)
6.        Use proper dishes, real plates and cutlery or chopsticks (not disposables)
7.        When sitting down, turn off TV and other distracters and focus on the people
8.        Say Grace and “Bless this Food” prior to beginning to eat
9.        Serve small portions on the plate in an aesthetic arrangement
10.      Avoid to drink ice cold water with hot Food (a burden for the digestive system)
11.      drink wine or soft drinks out of the appropriate glass and tea from a cup
12.      eat slowly, chew well and swallow before taking the next bite
13.      don’t down the food with a gulp of liquid (salivary enzymes are lacking)
14.      entertain easy conversation (avoid stressful topics and don’t resolve conflicts)
15.      What have you accomplished with this real “Mediterranean Diet ”?

You have just turned around your failing health and accelerated aging! What happened?
•    You realize that Food is a great facilitator in your social network and if you didn’t have one, you become aware that we are       defined by the Interactions we have with Others
•    Your muscles relax and your blood pressure goes down
•    When you care for others – or others care for you, chances are the Food is chosen mindfully and wisely – and it is most     likely wholesome, delicious and presentable
•    The mere preparation of Food is Visualization that prepares your digestive system for the things to come, your enzymes and gastric juices are activated
•    When you eat live Food, not canned and microwaved, it meets cell resonance, the nutrients are optimally absorbed
•    By eating slowly, you will not overeat, because your stomach has time to signal the brain when it is full and you’ll stop eating
•    You will have time to reflect on where the Food is coming from and appreciation is conducive to healthy digestion
•    By conversing with Others you get in touch with reality, you see how Others see you – so you know when to stop eating or drinking
•    Your own “huge and overwhelming” problems are put into perspective, you’ll realize that your own predicaments are relatively minor, that can motivate you to continue on this path


Make a habit of this pattern and your health issues are now manageable with dietary supplements that match your cell resonance, e.g. if you are over 40 you may need some digestive enzymes and/or HCL to help you digest the food; if you have preexisting health issues you can address them with natural herbal products. Then we need to avoid the common but toxic health killers like, MSG, GMO foods, synthetic sweeteners, pasteurized milk, highly refined and processed salt and sugar, hydrogenated oils (TransFat) and replace these by natural alternatives and – finally – remove the chemical preservatives from produce (hint: rinsing under cold water doesn’t do it!). Engage in some sports, get some daily sunlight and breath clean air – and maintain those relationships – and you will see all your health problems go away – at no costs – but priceless!


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