Diets and Drugs - are they effective?




The Medical Encyclopedia defines “Diet” as: Humans may alter their usual eating habits for many reasons, including weight loss, disease prevention or treatment, removing toxins from the body, or to achieve a general improvement in physical and mental health. Others adopt special diets for religious reasons. In the case of some vegetarians and vegans, dietary changes are made out of ethical concerns for the rights of animals.



Vitality Concepts defines “Diet” in this context as: “a voluntary restriction in variety of Foods for the purpose of losing weight”. At least this is what our customers expect from a diet and they usually refer to popular contemporary “Fad” Diets, such as “Atkins ”, the “South Beach Diet ”, “No Fat Diet ”, “Low Fat Diet ”, “No-Carb Diet ”, “Low Carb Diet ”, “High Protein Diet ”, “Elimination Diet ”, “Separation Diet ”, “Mediterranean Diet”, "Paleo Diet " (Cavemen Diet), Fasting and many others. None of these diets work for their intended purpose: sustainably reducing weight. Anyone that has tried one or many of these Diets can attest: they are futile. People get exited initially – that is why some of these Diets have such a huge following – but they are no sustainable. Actually they work like drugs – they alter some functions in your body by depriving your body with some nutrients it is used to get – but once the normal eating habits are resumed – the weight goes right up there again.


Obviously, losing weight and keeping weight at the normal level is more complex than the temporary resort to a fad Diet, it also requires the analysis of why excess weight accumulated in the first place. Normally we are only concerned with weight in the undesirable places – no one ever complains about gaining weight from building muscles. So there is the distinction: weight is not an absolute term that expresses Vitality or the loss of it – we mean body composition, muscle mass versus excess fat, overall appearance and Vitality.


Vitality Concepts has devised programs to allow anyone to obtain and maintain “perfect weight” without putting their Health or Vitality at risk and we have devised such programs for specialized clinics, such as “VitalityXpress” contact us


There are many therapeutic Diets – other than for the purpose of weight loss - that have merits. It is well known that Macrobiotic Diets aid in curing degenerative disease and there are many others, including Fasting, that serve well in the intended purpose.


(Prescription) Drugs


In general, drugs are distinct from supplements in that they do not provide nutrients that are missing in an ordinary Diet; rather they are designed to alter some functions in the body in order to eliminate symptoms of ill-health. Therefore they are not adjunct to Food or additions to Food, they are Medicine to therapy a supposed malfunction. Whatever the drug and whatever the specified purpose, it is unwise to use drugs to intentionally and forcibly change physical or mental properties of the body. This applies to magic weight loss drugs, ED cures, Anti-Aging and other lifestyle drugs. Consider that there are always natural alternatives that have no side effects – just do your research. Popping a pill is convenient and the result is instant – but you’ll pay twice, the second time with your health at a later stage. Why? Because every drug is forcibly changing the natural way your body works and – because drugs don’t add nutrients – they inhibit certain nutrients from doing what they are designed to do. If you doubt it just read all the fine prints on the drug labels – how and why do all these potential side effects occur?
Vitality Concepts’ position is that whatever you want to accomplish – there are natural solutions – while it may take more efforts to find them than submitting to a drug ad – you will be rewarded with sustainable Great Health and Vitality.