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There is no unequivocally accepted definition for Ant-Aging, for some it means Immortality or Longevity per se, others associate HGH injections with Anti-Aging, while many limit the term to superficial skin-care. However, while the skin is a highly visible indicator for aging, wrinkles are merely the symptom, but not the cause. Today’s anti-aging commerce is replete of products and services in nutrition, physical fitness, skin care, hormone replacements, vitamins, supplements, and herbs in a marketplace that seems unlimited in size.

Of course pursuits of Immortality and Longevity date back at least to ancient Egypt. While the religion and pyramids focused on the afterlife, a lot of attention was given to herbs and remedies such as olive leaf to promote beauty and longevity. Over the centuries scientists and alchemists tried to find cures and potions. These included drinking, eating, or injecting substances such as gold, testicles, and transplanting monkey gonads. Many cultures such as India and China developed long traditions of herbs, foods, diets, and health practices to foster anti-aging.


Around the turn of the 21st century, the term “Anti-Aging” (never mind how inappropriate) became a household neologism. Vitality Concepts researched the reason for this societal phenomenon which was first described in 1943 by Maslow ’s “hierarchy of needs pyramid”, which held that: if basic needs are not met, there is a tendency to ignore higher needs. While this wisdom was supposedly embodied in the Maslow pyramid for the first time, William Booth realized this fact already in 1865, when he founded the Salvation Army: he needed to feed the hungry people of east London before they could be ministered to with the Gospel.


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