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You have no choice, GMO Foods are covertly forced on you. Why is the Food Industry (GMA) spending Billions to hide the facts about where it is lurking. In 2008 Obama made a campaign promise to label GMO Food. Now he is fighting vigorously to keep any such Information from you. There is a reason that reaches far beyond your dinner table and you need to know it - your own survival depends on it - literally. Read the Article here.


You have certainly realized that Food prices are rising dramatically and clean Water has become a scarse commodity, particularly life sustaining Produce. So you may be drawn to Processed Foods instead, but cheap Food is an illusion: if you read the Ingredients Label, you'll notice that the Food Industry is using ever cheaper Ingredients, like substituting Olive Oil with genetically modified Canola Oil, and Cane Sugar with HFCS or synthetic sweeteners. The U.S. Consumer is requesting the cheapest Meat on the Planet and the Food Industry still delivers $ 1 Burgers! But for "cheap" Food we pay a high price: we sacrifice animal welfare, farmers lives, we ruin the environment  and trash our own Health - as if there was no tomorrow! Our current Water and Food supply delivers chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, allergies, diabetes, irrational behavior, obesity and years of unnecessary, miserable suffering – before we depart this life at a much younger age than the Citizen’s of other industrialized Nations - ten years earlier than the Japanese. Americans spend 90% of their Food Budget on nutritionally dead Processed Foods with empty Calories. Almost all processed Foods are based on genetically modified Corn (Maize) and/or Soy. These GM crops are controlled by Monsanto, a US corporation that says, it wants to control the Global Food supply! It is well known that Monsanto is forcing the farmers to buy new seeds every year, which is totally against nature. This means that if Monsanto crops fail to produce - like it's huge Maize crop failure in South Africa in 2009 - the World goes hungry, and you may not be able to buy Food at any price.

Wikileaks released documents that provide evidence that the U.S. government is not only sanctioning Monsanto's monopolistic quest, but it is using its diplomatic channels to coerce other countries to accept its "Global Control Agenda"!


You may want to consider Thomas Jefferson's wisdom:


"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny."


It follows that if you want to eat and secure nutritious food from known origin - you'll have to grow it yourself. But if you live in an area where the seasons restrict your growing operations to the summer months - you may want to consider to grow your Produce Inside, which is now possible even if there is no daylight at all, such as a Basement, Storage room or Garage. This is now possible with minimal effort and at very affordable costs of ownership. Preparedness is key: don't wait until disaster strikes: on March 11, 2011, when the Great East Japan Earthquake 9.0 struck - the store shelves in Tokyo emptied within 30 minutes! 



We have partnered up with the leading and most expereinced experts in the Field, to not only make available your personal Indoor or Outdoor Growing Solution - but also to train you for 100% Success in growing your Healthy Produce 365 Days per Year - wherever you live.


Home Grown Organics

 No space is too small to start your own "locally grown Organics" - even in total absence of daylight such as in a Garage or an Underground Room. We guide through the set-up and operation to successful Harvest.


No Daylight Organic Home Growth

  We have Lighting Sytems for ervery situation, location and growing objectives - with or without Daylight


Garage Growth Hydroponic

 You can start small - Indoor or Out - and add on as your needs for Produce grows


Backyard Greenhouse Hydroponics

 Even a tiny backyard offers opportunities for a Greenhouse - we offer Solutions for evvery Climate


Organic Hydroponics

Proper Conditions and Nutrition yields abundant Harvests all Year 


Low Cost Home Growth Starter Package (pdf download)


Low Cost Home Growth Bag and Pot System Kit (pdf download)



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