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"Innovation is a change in the thought process for doing something, or the useful application of new inventions or discoveries"(McKeown, M. 2008).

In recent years we have learned a lot about sustainable healthy nutrition, but while the markets were clamoring for cheap convenience foods - the Industry produced what the consumers asked for: cheap Food!

Meanwhile deleterious health effects are coming to light: obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, allergies, hypertension and a plethora of "undiagnosed conditions". The Food Industry is under mounting political pressure to produce healthier Food, while consumers are demanding to satisfy their cravings "right here, right now". They want Foods that tastes and looks like what they know and at low prices. Companies are forced to stepping up time-to-market in the ever increasing vortex of new product introductions. This trend is accelerating consolidation in the Industry driven mainly by regulatory requirements, changing global distribution dynamics and huge capital needs.


The Personal Care and Beauty Products Industry is increasingly being challenged by Consumers and Regulatory Agencies to substitute Toxic Chemicals with safe and Natural Ingredients.


Vitality Concepts can offer innovative solutions in many of these areas and work with Industry in creating new and healthier products; reformulating existing products and substituting toxic or unwholesome ingredients with beneficial ones. We have developed proprietary processes, allowing us to test new products for efficacy in vivo and in a very cost effective time frame, and thus know the answer prior to conducting time consuming and costly pre-clinical trials.


Here is a partial list of Business Development Contract and Consulting Services we provide:


◊ Design and formulations of cell-resonant, all natural nutritional Supplements

◊ Nutritional Product enhancement to make them more effective

◊ Healthy Ingredients Research and Substitution of ineffective or assumed toxic Compounds

◊ Organic Nutrients Delivery System with Programmed Time Release

◊ Creating Foods that eliminate the needs for Dietary Supplement, and / or

◊ Designing Supplements into a tasty Food Product, rather than a Supplement Capsule

◊ Nutritional Products instant in vivo efficacy Testing (short- and long term case studies)

◊ Personalized, needs based, individual, complementary Nutrition Design

◊ "Localization" of Global Food Products for specific Overseas Markets and Cultures

◊ Local adaptation of Global Products to meet imposed Regulations or Taste demands

◊ Finding New Markets and Applications for Novel Industrial Products

◊ Japan Regulatory Clearance, Positioning and Promotion of Western Products

◊ Assessment of Vitality, Biological Age, NutritionalNeeds for Individuals and Groups


Transdermal Delivery Systems for Nutrition and Skin Care (electronic and physiological methods)



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