Our Vision and Purpose



A Growing - and increasingly networked and informed (demanding) World Population poses formidable challenges to Industry and Governments: Food, Water and Air are the basic resources that have to be provided without interruptions. But all these resources are under constant assault by overuse, industrial and environmental pollution caused by conflicting special interests and rampant corruption worldwide. Our Vision is to allow every Citizen of the World access to clean Water, breathable Air and wholesome Food as a foundation for a purposeful and productive Life.



Being prepared for disruptions in basic supplies, due to natural or manmade disasters is an individual and societal duty. Only an adequate stock of water and staple Food - beyond the basic personal needs - can forestall panic, chaos and widespread misery, in the event of an emergency. We can visualize what happens when store shelves are empty and plan for backup. For example, we can imagine a total crop failure leading to skyrocketing prices that few can afford. to pay. Growing Food locally in controlled and contained environment can eliminate many impediments and yield healthier and fresher Produce in normal times.



Once the basic Needs are met and people are given choices, (Maslow, Pyramid of Needs) it has been well established that consumers tend to satisfy their cravings for Fat, Salt, Sugar and Stimulants. Attempts to modify behavior have failed time and again - so have "diets". This will change for the worse in the Future as we live in an "instant gratification" society that is powered by sheeple pressure from "social media". Therefore our lifestyle choices will shift to "I want it here and I want it now", meaning we will be less willing to wait for goods or services. Companies will have to adapt to these consumer trends to grow their business - and they will be challenged to continuously innovate life-sustaining solutions that customers want!



How would it be if we could all eat the Food we like and are accustomed to, Burgers, Fry's, Muffins, Sweet Drinks, with no guilt feeling? If we could indulge in chocolate and forget about dieting and popping dietary supplement capsules? That means bringing true pleasure back into eating.

Fiction or Fantasy? Neither! Vitality Concepts' Vision has already become reality in many areas: reintroducing nutrients and real flavor back into Foods (not merely "fortifying" processed Foods with synthetic vitamins!). We are also developing natural ingredients that are able to change undesirable functions and effects of processed ingredients. As a small company with a big Vision, we are well suited to help big companies in rapid new and healthier products development.


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