Our Mission - Creating Values


Before we take on any new Project, we consider the Value it creates for all stakeholders. By Value we mean: does the planned outcome of the Project likely result in a better Quality of Life, sustainable Health, Vitality and Self-esteem of all parties involved?


We are inviting Development- and Marketing Partners and Commercial Customers that share our Vision to join us! Products, Methods and Services, Ingredients or Functions that have known or suspected negative effects on human health are of no interest to us, no matter how big the potential market.

Whenever possible, we favor Ingredients from renewable resources, but in all cases, we want the People involved in providing Products, Ingredients or Services to be reimbursed appropriately.  We take care that Workers involved in the supply chain are not unknowingly exploited or exposed to unsafe working conditions, and the environment is not long-term negatively impacted.


We are wholly committed to better Health and Vitality for our Customers - but this may never be accomplished by putting at risk, the Health of those involved in meeting this objective


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