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Whey is a natural product and a Food. But many Whey Protein products are processed into a Drug and they function like a Drug. Find out how...


While Whey in its natural form as a byproduct in cheese-making is still being used much the same way, the Whey Protein that is marketed to Body-Builders in Mega doses at Gyms and Nutrition Stores, may be more hazardous than beneficial to the users Health. Why? Because the Whey in these products has been highly processed, blended and adulterated with the objective to hook the consumers on the taste so they use more of it.


Whey is well known as a high Protein Fuel for Athletes. Body Builders prefer 100% Protein products, but there are better Whey products for Health and Fitness enthusiasts who seek more Energy and Weight Loss than Muscles. Here is what to look for in a Whey product to gain most benefits...


A Healthy Lifestyle purposely includes Food, Herbs and Exercise, and intentionally restricts deleterious exposures like smoking, environmental pollution and excessive stress. But there is much more to it than making such deliberate choices, there is also a cause that led to a decision to opt into Natural Health.

Since the vast majority of Illness come as a result of poor Nutrition, apart from other Lifestyle issues (smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, eating late, etc.), our innate behavior is first searching for healthy Food, as soon as there is evidence of an unwanted symptom. We know that there is Food to sustain overall Health and then there is Food to heal specific conditions.


As we live in an "Instant Gratification" and "Great Looks" society Men go all the way to Build Huge Muscles - Now! So it is that the Whey in High Power Body Building Formulas boast enormous protein concentrations up to 95%! However, an Industry vying for higher market share is tampering with a basic Health product by over-processing into some real health-threatening concoctions that the unassuming Body-Builder can't recognize. Reading and understanding the labels is paramount.


A growing number of people in the US are careful to avoid GM (genetically modified) Foods, but is almost impossible to do so. Any journey through the alleys of a supermarket becomes increasingly frustrating, as the Ingredients labels have become cryptic and deceptive, so that only experts can decipher them. That is, of course no coincident, the Food Industry has a vested interest to make Foods appear healthy by disguising unhealthy ingredients.


Predictive Health-care may not be a household term quiet yet, but basically this new, emerging way of delivering health-care in the US focuses on predicting health as opposed to waiting for disease to begin. Statistics show that a growing number of people spend more money for organic products and enroll in gym memberships even during economic downturn. If that is an indicator of a popular trend toward "staying healthy", does it suggest that people are ready to opt-out of the sick-care system?


Intellectual Health-care is more important than ever, it is easy to self-administer, doesn't require insurance and costs no money: everyone can afford it! We are being inundated with information and we are forced to choose, if we care where we are going, rather than just drifting along with the masses. For example...


  1. When Healthy Is Not Enough: - Unleash The Power Of Belief! [Health-and-Fitness:Mind-Body-Spirit] Symptoms of Illness are commonly just the final exposition of a past traumatic event that caused a disturbance in the body's energy field. Such a traumatic event immediately impacts the other 5 elements that constitute Health, long before it becomes measurable at the physical level. This is an important observation in the realm of Preventive-care, or Sustainable Health-care, because forestalling Illness means...
  • When Health Is Not Enough: How To Engage Your Emotions!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Mind-Body-Spirit] While everyday conversing about health, we clearly understand health to mean physical health, because only physical health is measured and expressed by scientific consensus. Nevertheless physical health is not only just a fractional aspect of the well-being of an individual, symptoms of illness are commonly the final exposition of a an earlier event that caused a disturbance in the body's energy field. This is an essential consideration in the realm of preventive-care.

  • When Healthy Is Not Enough! - How The Mind Delivers Vitality!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Mental-Health] While the scope of this article is the attempt to position Mental Health as a vital element of overall Health, better understood as Vitality, we have to consider the commercial interests that drive and subsequently distort the assessment of the individual Health elements. It is ll known that drugs are prescribed to treat Physical illness, based on analyzed symptoms. The standards used for analysis are...
  • Why Healthy Is Not Enough! Discover The 6 Elements You Can't Be Missing!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Healthcare-Systems] While colloquially speaking about health, we clearly understand this to mean physical health, which however is only a fractional aspect of the well-being of an individual, in contrast, vitality evokes tacit association with the other vital elements that together, in balanced combination comprise the so-called holistic health. Only holistic health is sustainable over a lifetime and it is the core of preventive health-care.

  • Does Your Mind Limit Your Body? How To Lose Fat - No Sweat!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Weight-Loss] It is nothing short of amazing how creatively the Mind produces excuses for the Body to do Nothing. I have heard just about every explanation from individuals to justify their inactivity. By far the most used reason given is: I don't have the time. Well, there is Good News, in Predictive Health-care we have the answer to the - how much time - question. We no longer need to guess what our Physical Limits are, we can measure them. It is not surprising, however, that most people are not aware that their Physical Ability and Potential can be...

  • Does Your Mind Limit Your Body? - How To Unleash Your Idle Resources!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Mind-Body-Spirit] Why is a new car buying question always focused on Top Speed, even though we know we'll never be able to use it? One reason is, that we want the assurance that there is this always extra power in case we need it. We don't feel safe when we can just hardly keep up with the flow of the traffic; we want assurance that there is this extra surge ready to unleash on command. Do we apply the same selection criteria to our body, do we want to know - not guess - its capabilities? Before we trash this question as heresy, let's take a closer look...
  • Does Your Mind Limit Your Body? - Discover Your Hidden Physical Abilities!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Mind-Body-Spirit] Are our perceived or assumed Physical Limits the product of our Mind as many suggest? If so then why does the Mind produce and impose such restrictions on us? Is it that we are born lazy and the Mind thrives to reset developed ambitions, or is it a biological protection mechanism? There is surprisingly little documented science on this topic; two recent studies based on mice seem to suggest a genetic link to laziness, but nothing has been published on humans. However, there are some thought provoking...

  • Why Being Healthy Is Not Enough! Discover What You May Be Wanting!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Healthcare-Systems] There is growing consensus that the world needs a paradigm change in the way we care for personal and public health. Not only are the utterly pharma-centric health-care systems dysfunctional in that the population is getting sicker not healthier, also the systems are bankrupting whole economies. Hereafter the consent dissolves and infinite debates go on how to approach change. This is the first in a series of articles focusing on conditions that must set the stage for effecting change: explicit understanding of what is meant when we talk health. Then individuals can discover how they can effectively predict their health and prevent illness.

  • Does Your Mind Limit Your Body? - Inform Your Mind What You Can Physically Accomplish!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Mind-Body-Spirit] In leisure as well as professional Sports, many athletes have become complacent, ignoring their physical limits, because if injury occurs, it can be mended with manufactured body parts. Many sports disciplines - even recreational ones - are thriving on dare-devil attitudes of the athletes competing in fierce competition. They throw-in their health with no compunction, ignoring the risk of injury and permanent disability.

  • Does Your Mind Limit Your Body? Get To Know Your Physical Limits!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Mind-Body-Spirit] Let's assume for a moment that there are no Physical Limits, what your body can accomplish is only limited by your Mind. If you have a winning spirit you can accomplish whatever you want. Sounds familiar? It certainly sounds motivational and the proponents for this hypothesis have a lot of examples to share. But is it true?

  • Do You Know Your Physical Limits?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Mind-Body-Spirit] We live in a fast paced, cut-throat competitive world and in this setting, a lot of parents dream of seeing their kids as Olympic Gold Medalists, or as the next Tour de France or Wimbledon champion. They impose their wishes onto their kids and subject them to ambitious training regiments without ever knowing if they can ever prevail in that chosen sport discipline. But it should be clear that...

  • Vitality Or Health - Which Matters More In Your Life?
    [Self-Improvement:Mind-Development] "Vitality" is often cited in connection with "Health", both terms are nouns; but while - hopefully you "are Healthy" (adj.), you may "have Vitality" ( If you don't, you may want to vitalize, or re-vitalize, which will also make you healthier. However, when you say: "I'm Healthy", the Vitality is implied, because if you say: "I'm Healthy but have no Vitality", your listener will understand that you don't feel Sick. It follows that if in common American parlance, Healthy means: not Sick; then, does: "I have Vitality" necessarily imply that I'm Healthy? Why does this distinction matter? A clear definition of the terms could lead to huge economical and societal benefits. Let's just analyze.

  • How to Measure Aging
    [Health-and-Fitness:Anti-Aging] By "aging" we usually allude to the biological process of growing older in a deleterious sense. That is why - the closer we get there, the more we seek to eliminate its terminal effect. The science concerned with Aging has yet to produce a generally accepted model to determine the rate of aging and the discrepancy between the biological age and chronological age at a specific time.

  • Health - How Do You Know What You Mean?
    [Health-and-Fitness] When we ask a person: "are you healthy?" - the answer is "Yes" - if no symptoms of disease or illness are experienced. This is because the health-care systems serve (despite the deceptive name) only people with symptoms. First question at a doctors office is: "What is wrong with you?" But a lot of people experience lack of energy, fatigue, tiredness, accelerated aging, lack of libido and stamina, weight gain, sleep problems, emotional problems, etc. So is someone "healthy" experiencing any of these problems? In the context of, and with the objective of "prevention" it is essential to distinguish "Health" from "not sick". Such a definition may be paramount to give credence to the term "preventive care"!

  • Is There Anything To Eat And Drink In America?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Nutrition] In the United States today - the Water and Food supply delivers chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, allergies, irrational behavior, obesity and years of unnecessary, miserable suffering - before we depart this life at a much younger age than the Citizen's of other industrialized Nations - ten years earlier than the Japanese. Americans spend 90% of their Food Budget on Processed Foods with little or no nutritional value. Is America committing involuntary surreptitious mass suicide or is the agenda to have everyone sick so they have to resort to prescription drugs for the rest of life?

  • Toothpaste - Brush Your Way to Chronic Disease - Conclusion
    [Health-and-Fitness:Dental-Care] Commercially available Toothpastes are loaded with toxic chemicals that accumulate in the body and don't break-down in the environment. But there are alternative products that are non-toxic although they may be hard to find in traditional stores.

  • Toothpaste - Brush Your Way to Chronic Disease
    [Health-and-Fitness:Dental-Care] Toothpastes are becoming ever more toxic and are cause of mystery disease and behavior problems. But as of late we find many of the toxins of Toothpaste in tap water and the food chain as these toxins are not biodegradable. Read about the common toxic ingredients and what they are causing.

  • Toothpaste - Brush Your Way to Chronic Disease - Part 3
    [Health-and-Fitness:Dental-Care] The market for Toothpaste is fiercely contested by a few large companies that fight for fractions of one percent of market share. The consumer is the loser as the company dollar goes into marketing instead of product safety. The oligopoly is resorting to unethical conduct to keep consumer pressure off safety challenges.

  • Food Crisis Reaching America - How to Protect Your Family
    [Reference-and-Education:Survival-and-Emergency] Food is abundant on Supermarket shelves, but millions in America go hungry. There is worse to come, the global food crisis will spread over America and the government is standing by - protecting the industry that is the cause of all. We have to be prudent and start growing and preserving natural food as long as it is available.

  • How to Protect Yourself From Contracting Any Virus - Naturally
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diseases] It is widely believed that the only effective protection and cure for H1N1 swine flu virus are the two drugs Tamiflu from Roche and Relenza from GlaxoSmithKline. However, both drugs are very limited in effectiveness, are very expensive and cause serious side effects. It is little known that there are highly effective natural herbs, fruit and vegetables with strong anti-viral properties - in fact, Tamiflu is derived from one of them.

  • Swine Flu Virus - Is it Anything More Than Media Hype?
    [News-and-Society] The Swine flu Virus seems to be a pandemic under construction, fueled by the Media, but where did it originate? European Newspapers reported already on April 28, that the numbers of casualties in Mexico were sharply corrected downward form "over 150" to a mere 5 confirmed deaths. The 2,500 suspected cases became 26 cases on April 29. Even those reports are not conclusive and anyone familiar with healthcare in Mexico knows that the conditions are conducive to rapid spread of any diseases.

  • The "Clinically Tested" Delusion
    [Health-and-Fitness] Every day the mainstream media tout some newsworthy, breakthrough clinical study - but without disclosing the sponsor of the study or any existing conflict of interests. This reduces the information to mere marketing hype or hyperbole, most often for a drug and sometimes for a processed food. Prior to believing anything told, we should always first look at who financed the study and what was the stated expectation. It will take some effort to do that and it is safe to conclude that the harder it is to find the relevant information - the less credible is the study.

  • Why Calories Don't Count - They Can't Make You Slim, But Really Sick
    [Health-and-Fitness] America is obsessed with calorie-counting but it obviously is not working: the Nation has the world's highest obesity rate, is the sickest Nation on earth and has a life expectancy far below average. No one really knows what calories mean and where the concept comes from, but Calories occupy the very top of every food ingredients label. The whole concept is futile and a distortion of actual food energy content. If we understand this fact and lean to qualify rather than quantify our food - we have made a giant step to restore our health and vitality.

  • Healthy Cooking Oils - How They Make You Sick
    [Health-and-Fitness:Nutrition] Genetically modified Food has been subject of controversy for a long time: is its consumption causing damage to one's health. But recent science publications about toxic residues of roundup weed killer making their way into the final product, gives rise to serious concern. It has been cited that in humans, DNA and cell damage occurs and even cell death within 24 hours. As Canola and Soybean Oils are present in almost all prepared foods - such health dangers lurk in the majority of foods in the US - "certified Organic" no exception.

  • The Victim Syndrome - Why Obesity, Hypertension, High Cholesterol Is Never Your Fault
    [Health-and-Fitness] Our society proclaims that it is never our fault when we are sick, obese, suffer from allergies, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, cholesterol and the like. We are told to see a doctor and ask if a certain drug is helping and we are willingly accepting the prescription. There are many who are on anti-hypertension and/or cholesterol lowering drugs for years, willingly accepting the doctor's warning that it is too risky to ever get off these drugs. We have indeed adopted the sheep behavior and willingly follow the shepherd - we follow the flock unconditionally.

  • Trans Fat-free Food - How it Makes You Sick - Always Read the Ingredients Labels
    [Health-and-Fitness] Trans fat in food has stirred-up much health concerns recently, so much that some states imposed sanctions on Fastfood outlets and legislation to outlaw trans fat in foods is underway. However bad trans fats may be, no one is paying attention to how trans fats are substituted. The reason why trans fats are used in the first place is to cut costs, thus it is safe to conclude that the industry is using cheaper - not better alternatives. What seems to be current industry choice may be a lot more damaging to everyone's health.

  • Prepared Food - Why it is Making Us Sick
    [Health-and-Fitness:Nutrition] Almost all "prepared food" we eat has been processed in a competitive environment driven by "lowest costs". The key tool to achieve lowest costs is by "engineering" eternal shelf life. However, while the consumer is paying less at the cash register - the deferred payment comes with the loss of health and vitality. Processed foods may look and taste OK, but the nutritional value has been sacrificed. Unfortunately, with rising consumer awareness, the food industry is conspiring with regulatory agencies, namely the FDA, FTC and USDA to delude the consumer with fraudulent labeling.

  • The Real Purpose of Food
    [Food-and-Drink] America has pretty much destroyed the food's nutritional value by over-processing in the interest of shelf life. At the same time, America is the sickest nation on the planet, because the food has been stripped of all its nutrients and reconstituted with chemicals that the human body does not recognize as food. If we reflect on how food was designed and provided for human consumption - we can see that the time has come to be mindful about what we put into our bodies.

  • How Food Fashioned Culture and Vitality
    [Food-and-Drink] In the age of Fast Food, embodied literally, we forget that Food is not primarily designed to fill the stomach, but to fuel us with Energy. This energy is assumed to come from calories, but in reality the energy that makes us reach new highs, stems from the pleasure that we experience when we share a meal in good company. If we reflect on the Creators intended purpose of Food, we may rediscover the wholesome effect of Eating in Style.

  • Information - Your Essential Ally in Anti-aging
    [Health-and-Fitness:Anti-Aging] Not too long ago, Anti-Aging was a term reserved for the rich and famous in search of everlasting youth, delivered to them by HGH injections and plastic surgery. Increasing social pressure to look healthy at all times, to exert no down-time and to look young until death is rapidly expanding the markets for drugs, nutritional products, physical activities, spa's and recreation - but also more aggressive "instant rejuvenation" measures like plastic surgery, laser, Botox, liposuction, steroids and HGH injections. Such instant gratification treatments are counter to sustainable Anti-Aging which must begin at the cellular level by containing oxidizing effects that impair the immune system. The socially induced fear factor is causing people to act proactively about their looks and Anti-Aging concerns often take a central role in people's lives. However, what causes Aging is a question everyone has to ask and the answer lies in individual lifestyle and exposure to the elements. This means that Information is pre-requisite to any effective Anti-Aging therapy.

  • Health Risk Management - Prevent Undiagnosable Illness!
    [Health-and-Fitness] Medical diagnosis showing negative results while the subject feels something wrong is more and more common and causes anxiety and distress for the person. In many cases the culprits are toxins in the body which are difficult, time consuming and expensive to analyze - and are therefore ignored in conventional medical testing. While there is no easy answer to the problem that is reaching pandemic proportions - it is important to know what can be done to a) reduce the risks of exposure to toxins and b) find out what toxins have accumulated in the body that might jeopardize health and well being.

  • Energy - Are We Getting Enough From Food and Drinks?
    [Food-and-Drink] There are popular believes that food provides energy and hence, when we eat we obtain energy. Why then - are we sluggish after a meal and wish to nap upon eating? This article looks beyond the short-term effects of eating and de-emphasises its importance in energy production. The awareness of the complexity of personal energy may assist in adjusting lifestyle, nutrition and exercise - and - personal relationships.

  • Getting Healthy - Eliminating a Symptom is Not a Cure!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Healthcare-Systems] Whenever we are in the state of feeling not healthy, we are driven to restore Health in the shortest possible time. Conventional Healthcare is doing exactly that, it looks at "what's wrong" and fixes the "wrong" - which is the manifest symptom of ill-health. This is usually accomplished by prescription drugs which are designed to eliminate the symptom. Though an eliminated symptom is not regained Health and drugs are not making us healthy. Getting healthy means eliminating the cause of the symptom - but this takes time and is not part of the protocol in modern healthcare. In order to search for and cure the cause of illness, one needs to assertively step out of the confines of the "sick-care" system.

  • Preventive Health - Who Cares About You Not Getting Sick?
    [Health-and-Fitness] It matters how we define Health, because awareness of what the gift of Health really means can change the way you live your life. When we say "I'm healthy", we really mean that we don't experience any symptom of illness such as pain or a visible blemish, or as Merriam-Webster defines: "freedom from physical disease or pain." However, disease starts at the cellular level, long before any symptoms become evident.

  • The Key to Adding Quality Years to Your Life
    [Health-and-Fitness:Anti-Aging] Yes - you knew it already: one should maintain an acid-base pH balance in the body to stay healthy. But then, your Doctor never mentioned it right? Nor did your Doctor ever mention that this simple balancing act will add immeasurable Quality to your Life, for many, many more years - and your aging process will slow down visibly!

  • Sugar - Your Health vs Politics - Always Read the Ingredients Label - Part 1 of 2
    [Health-and-Fitness] Here is a comprehensive and essential Sugar Survival Manual - don't ever shop without it! Great sustainable Health does not mean we have to give up Sugar and cravings for Sweets. We can enjoy Sugar with impunity - provided we chose the right kind. But this is a formidable challenge that requires careful and informed study of "Ingredients" Labels. This article provides guidance through the jungle of deceiving and fraudulent Food and Beverage declarations.

  • Sugar - Your Health vs Politics - Always Read the Ingredients Label - Part 2 of 2
    [Health-and-Fitness] Here is Part 2 of a comprehensive and essential Sugar Survival Manual - don't ever shop without is! Great sustainable Health does not mean we have to give up Sugar and cravings for Sweets. We can enjoy Sugar with impunity - provided we chose the right kind. But this is a formidable challenge that requires careful and informed study of "Ingredients" Labels. This article provides guidance through the jungle of deceiving and fraudulent Food and Beverage declarations.

Are you sick of pasteurized, fumigated and irradiated "nuked" Foods?

Preserve your own fruits and Vegetables - naturally, without depleting its nutrients:






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