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the 21st Century "Anti-Aging" abstraction of Maslow's Pyramid of Needs

However, in developed Nations around the turn of the 21st century, these “basic needs” became nearly a misnomer; in an environment of “plenty” new needs emerged:


We tend to take great Health and Vitality as a granted Birth right, we assume everything to be perfect and function flawlessly. Therefore we base our expectations on more Beauty and stunning Looks, more Power and Energy; we don’t even consider ill-health, disease and impairment as an option, we believe we are invincible and immortal.


What event can shake these believes? Well it doesn’t need a 9.0 earthquake to destabilize or another cataclysmic event to destabilize our narcistic homeostasis – the slightest perceived imperfection we mean to spot in the mirror is enough to tilt the boat; suddenly we are overwhelmed with fear of imperfection, the natural aging developments: thinning hair, a wrinkle, not being able to read the smallest prints… 


Thus far, probably nothing in our condition, expectation or fears has changed since ancient times only that the peer and societal pressure is heating up to the point where our fears – and urge to act – are imposed on us at an ever younger age.


The “Imperfection Pyramid” clearly depicts the “hierarchy” in aging symptoms, although they are all there, we may notice only one at a time. However, when we treat that one symptom, the next one appears right away. What can we learn from this? Treating the symptom does not result in happiness; it is like painting over a rusty car. Real Anti-Aging starts at the cellular level, this is a systemic fix.


Vitality Concepts has devised methods to analyze the cause for aging on a personal level and methods to address the issues from the inside out – while at the same time deal with the visible effects immediately, because we know that once we have perceived an imperfection, we want to correct it without delay.


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